Vietnamese Coffee Shop Review – Cafe Temptation

This latest Vietnamese coffee shop review comes straight out of SoCal and dare I say it… Cafe Temptation has tempted me enough to declare it as my new favorite coffee shop!

The picture of the girls to the right should speak my claims, but what it doesn’t say, is how freaking down to earth and cool these girls are.

Vietnamese Coffee Shop - Cafe Temptation Girls

Cafe Temptation Girls

We had the pleasure of spending some time with both Ngan(left) and Mia(right) and while this view is quite nice… 

Read on to see which view is better

How to Talk to a Girl (or Coffee Shop Girl) You’ve Just Met

So you’re at a coffee shop and you’re chugging away at your water cup.

Every time your waitress walks by to fill up your empty glass, you take the opportunity to say something quick, witty, and full of confidence.

By your 4th empty cup of water, you should be about ready to piss in your pants.  However, like a big boy that you are, you wait for your amazingly HOT waitress to come by and fill up your cup of water because it would be a shame for her to do that while you were relieving yourself.

Asian Girl With Tattoos


Stopping Her in Her Tracks

As your hot and sexy waitress approaches, you notice you now have her attention.

C’mon, you drank four cups of water… of course she will notice you by now.  You stop her in her tracks and tell her something true and genuine.

And this is what you say…

The Truth About Nice Guys

Nice guys finish last.  Nice guys never win. Nice guys never get the girl.

Pick your cliché; we’ve heard them all before.  If you’re a Nice Guy like me, then you probably want to give a big “F You” to anyone that has uttered those words.  But you won’t, because you’re a Nice Guy.

Shoot, they even made a song about us.  Look.

The Truth About Nice Guys

There’s actually nothing wrong with being one.  In fact, you can actually still turn heads being a chivalrous and genuine guy if you simply stand out.  No, I’m not talking about painting your nails black, using a Fedora hat, or wearing an outfit that screams “I need attention”.  I’m talking about being you – a real and interesting individual.

Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last


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